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Living with the symptoms of multiple myeloma


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In the early stages of multiple myeloma, many people experience no symptoms at all, making the disease a difficult one to diagnose early. Over time though, you will become very familiar with a wide range of symptoms associated with the disease. The severity of your symptoms will have a large impact on how you are able to live with multiple myeloma.

Tiredness and bone pain are two of the most common symptoms of multiple myeloma and also two of the most difficult to live with. They can have a major impact on your ability to keep working, maintain hobbies, travel or even keep up with day-to-day household chores.

Over time you will need to develop practical tips to manage these symptoms. Support groups and online forums are a great place to swap tips with other people living with multiple myeloma. You can find links to some useful sites in the patient stories and resources sections of this site.

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Jeanine, 56:

“I had been suffering from back pain for quite a while. At a certain point, my partner thought that this was not normal any more.”

* To preserve the wish of anonymity of the people, the name and picture have been changed

The symptoms of multiple myeloma


Multiple myeloma can cause a wide range of symptoms and may affect different people in different ways. Here are some of the most common symptoms of multiple myeloma:


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